Computational Identification of MoRFs in Protein Sequences

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Do not accept lower case amino acids in the input sequence.

When this option is selected, amino acids can only be represented with uppercase characters, lowercase characters will generate an error.

Additionally, when not selected, numbers will be ignored and removed from the input sequence.


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Graph Legend:

  • <MCW> MoRFCHiBi_Web propensity score.
  • <MCL> MoRFCHiBi_Light propensity score. This score targets longer MoRFs.
  • <MC> MoRFCHiBi prediction solely based on the local physiochemical properties of the amino acid sequence.
  • <MDC> MoRFdc propensity score based on protein long trends of disorder and conservation information.
  • <IDP> Long trends of protein disorder propensity score generated by ESpritz with the DisProt option.
  • <ICS> Residues initial conservation score, a general conservation propensity score assembled from the two PSSM generated by aligning the query sequence to the SwissProt and the UniRef90 databases.


  • Toggle MoRF Bands: Display/Hide a binary MoRF/nonMoRF decision.
  • Toggle Y-Axis Bounds: Toggle Y-Axis bounds between a static [0 to 1] vs auto.
  • Menu: Holds controls for printing the graph or downloading it in PNG, JPEG, PDF, or SVG format.

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A Reminder

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